Be SAFE Initiative

Transforming Neighborhood Conditions for Youth & Families to Live, Thrive, and Be Healthy 

Long Beach BE SAFE Initiative
Since 2010 Centro CHA has supported the strategic Direction of the Long Beach Violence Prevention Collaborative to convene systems and community leaders around a "collective impact framework" focused on reducing violence, supporting positive youth development, and develop a set of shared principles and best practices across sectors and organizations. 

One key best practice to emerge from the Long Beach Violence Prevention Collaborative has been a focus on aligning a wide range of systems leaders and community partners around a strategic summer violence reduction strategy. Leadership workforce development and economic development and summer employment for youth and families in central Long Beach has been the key focus of the long beach Violence Prevention Collaborative with the goal of improving environmental conditions and health outcomes for vulnerable youth in Long Beach.

Our Collaborative has demonstrated success in reducing overall crime and violence in Neighborhoods where BE SAFE is offered by nearly half. The Long Beach VPC has also been instrumental in increasing summer employment opportunities 


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